Dementia Care

Every person is different. And every person with dementia should be looked after in accordance with their individual needs and requirements.
Our staff are specially trained to understand these specific needs and provide support in all aspects of day to day life to ensure the wellbeing of the resident.

For those whose condition is progressing, we provide care that maintains their dignity and self-respect. We aim to achieve this in our homes by encouraging gentle activity and helping to stimulate memories that provide comfort and contentment.


Silverline Care places great emphasis on maintaining good levels of hydration and nutrition amongst residents that have memory loss.

We take time to understand a resident’s food preferences and prompt meal and snack times, and, if required, staff can assist with eating requirements.


Reminiscence therapy is a treatment that uses sight, touch, taste, smell and sound to help individuals with dementia remember events, people and places from their past lives.

We find it is a great way for the staff to get to know residents better, and gain an understanding of the richness and complexity of their lives before they had dementia. As such, each of our homes incorporates this kind of therapy into their activities schedule, whether it be through looking at old photographs, having quizzes or a good old fashioned sing-along.

We also pride ourselves on providing a 'home from home' environment. It is crucial to us that every moment spent in a Silverline Care home counts and so staff work together with residents to enable them to continue with their hobbies where possible.